X-Men Wolverine Progressive Slot

The X-Men Wolverine Progressive Slot is a 5-reel game that has a 25-payline with a theme based on the Marvel comics. There are different denomination rates as well as a progressive jackpot that is designed to ensure that it appeals to all players. Developed by Playtech, the game helps the fans to interact with the characters and there are plenty of rewards involved too.

The graphics on the Wolverine slots game were considered to be excellent and the way that the game was designed helped to give the player a truly interactive experience. There is a number of symbols in use including the standard symbols, the Scatter, the Wild and the bonus game icons. When they appear in a variety of combinations they will help to give the players different bonuses.

14 different symbols are used on this slots game. The standard symbols include J, Q, K and A. Another symbol is a military dog tag that has Wolverine’s name engraved into it. Another icon is the famous Wolverine claws.

The Wild Symbol is Wolverine in costume. This can be used to give a winning combination because it can serve as a replacement for any other symbol. However, it cannot be used as a replacement for the Scatter symbol, the Adamantium or the Berserker Rage. The player can also have a single wild, a double-stacked wild or a triple-stacked wild. These can appear on any of the reels and if the player gets five of them they can boost their bet dramatically.

The Berserker Rage feature provides the player with some great bonus features. If this symbol lands on reel 5, the rage feature is activated. If the symbol is on the top of the reel, up to 4 symbols then become wild symbols. If it is in the middle of the reel up to 5 wild symbols will appear.