Avengers Board Game

The Avengers Board Game is called Thanos Rising and this has taken inspiration from Avengers: Infinity War. This game is part of the merchandise that helps to promote the movie and alongside this there is a whole range of toys such as action figures that both adults and kids will love to collect.

The board game is a joint release from Marvel and USAopoly, Inc. The game has 190 different pieces that include the different tokens and cards that are needed for the players to stand and fight against Thanos. The game is suitable for between two and four players. The players can take on the personas of different Avengers and different Guardians of the Galaxy during the game. The game also includes a figurine of Thanos.

Marvel has created other board games in the past that are based on hit movies. One of these was the Deadpool adult game that was based on an X-Men movie. While the board games may not attract as much attention as the movies, real fans will enjoy these as the collectors’ items that they are. This board game was actually released a little bit after the movie release date was pushed back but gave the fans something to think about while they were waiting.

In terms of the plot-line of the movie, the board game does not actually give anything away too much but there are a few hints in there about what to expect. One example is that of Iron Spider’s stingers, which were given away by one of the figure tie-ins to the movie. Another hint that the fans will appreciate is that the toys have shown that the suit will feature some extra arms, but this was not clear from any of the trailers that have been shown on TV.